Pan Pac's Carbon-Neutral Journey: Coastal Cleanup Initiative Yields Nearly 1 Tonne of Trash

Singapore, 30 Oct 2023 — Embarking on a remarkable journey towards environmental preservation and carbon neutrality, Pan Pacific Leasing Group (Pan Pac) is charting a course with the support of two esteemed allies, Green Nudge and CarbonEthics. 

As a commercial vehicle leasing company in the automotive industry, Pan Pac is acutely aware of its environmental responsibilities. To address the ecological challenges associated with its operations, Pan Pac has formed a rewarding partnership with Green Nudge, a distinguished social enterprise, and CarbonEthics, a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting coastal communities and environmental conservation.


Image: Green Nudge facilitating the coastal clean-up

This collaboration sets Pan Pac’s journey towards a sustainable future, offsetting its carbon footprint. This partnership sets the course for the restoration and conservation of coastal ecosystems, including the planting of mangrove trees and seagrass saplings, which serve as vital carbon sinks, further anchoring Pan Pac's commitment to a sustainable future.


Image: 990kg of trash collected from along the coastline

Pan Pac’s inaugural coastal cleanup, held on 13 October along the shores near Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal, demonstrated what a passionate team of 82 participants can achieve. Inspired by a collective purpose to make a positive environmental impact, Pan Pac's employees enthusiastically dedicated their time and effort to remove an astounding 990 kilograms of trash from the coastline.


Image: Pan Pac staff picking up plastic waste

This remarkable achievement has been made possible through our collaboration with Green Nudge and Carbon Ethics, who planted ten mangrove seedlings on behalf of Pan Pac during the event. These mangroves enhance coastal ecosystems and play a crucial role in absorbing and storing CO2, aligning perfectly with our carbon neutrality commitment.


Image: Kenny Tan, CEO of Pan Pac, giving an address to participants

Kenny Tan, CEO of Pan Pac, expressed his pride and gratitude for the unwavering dedication shown by the staff and the invaluable support provided by Green Nudge and CarbonEthics. "Our Coastal Cleanup CSR Initiative is more than just a one-time event; it is a testament to our continuous commitment to the environment. We are thrilled to have surpassed our initial goal on our first attempt. This achievement motivates us to persist and create a cleaner and more sustainable world.".


Image: Pan Pac employees sharing their experience

This extraordinary achievement marks the inception of a transformative journey towards a cleaner and greener coastal environment. Pan Pac is resolute in its commitment to regularly organise Coastal Cleanups, with the next scheduled for Quarter 1 of 2024. The company warmly invites its employees, partners, vendors, and the wider community to join in their cause.

As Pan Pac invites its employees, partners, and vendors to participate in this journey, the company extends its invitation to valued customers. Pan Pac encourages its customers not only to participate in coastal cleanups but also to join the company in adopting sustainability initiatives.

Outside of participating in coastal cleanups, Pan Pac is investing in the following initiatives for our customers to adopt, including more sustainable and fuel-efficient vehicles, advanced telematics to optimise routes and vehicle movements, and supporting reforestation projects. These investments will significantly reduce our collective carbon footprint and contribute to our shared goal of carbon neutrality.

For further information about Pan Pac's Coastal Cleanup CSR Initiative, its commitment to carbon neutrality, and how to get involved in upcoming events, please visit