It's our 12th Anniversary!

It's our 12th Anniversary!

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Fully Electric Commercial Vehicles

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Why make the switch
to electrical?

Contribute to a Greener future
Cheaper cost per mile than diesel
Reduced maintenance and lower costs

Cheaper cost per mile
than Diesel

Energy Price
Energy Cost per 100km
Avg daily Mileage (150km)
Cost of energy per year (365 days)





46.72% savings

Golden Dragon EV

Golden Dragon EV

A practical and efficient EV. Rear door swings out 90 degrees, whilst there is two sliding doors making unloading a breeze from the huge 6.5m³ space.
Opel Vivaro-e

Opel Vivaro-e

Perfect for the urban environment of Singapore, this fully electric, emission free van has a battery range of up to 300km.
Opel Combo-e

Opel Combo-e

A fully electric and emission free commercial van, the Opel Combo-e Cargo van also boasts a large rear volume of up to 3.9m³
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