As we celebrate Singapore’s 57th birthday in August 2022, Pan Pac would like to take this  moment to highlight local businesses in Singapore through our Hidden Heroes Month and  how we as a company support these local businesses in Singapore.

We have seen a rise in the need for delivery services and transportation vehicles in the last  couple of years, especially during the circuit breaker period. Everything from food, groceries  to apparels now have the option of home delivery. This requires local businesses to adapt to  the changing times and start offering services to their customers at a faster rate.

Given the rise in the delivery trend, local businesses have a need for fleet for their business  and as a result, a quality commercial vehicle leasing service is essential. However, many  business owners end up spending considerable amount of time and money on fleet  maintenance or going through all the paperwork of owning a vehicle.

This is where, Pan Pac, as a proud Singaporean company, offers an easy solution for  customers. Our vehicle maintenance programme and 24/7 after-lease services make our  customers’ lives easier. They can be assured that should there be any fleet problems, their  business operation is not going to be changed as we offer a 1 to 1 replacement on any  breakdown.

For example, one of our customers, Tiffanie Sio, says that having her vehicle serviced in the  west area close to her residence has made it much easier for her and she is extremely  satisfied with the condition of the vehicle, including the replacement vehicle during the  servicing period.

Tiffanie is one of our hidden heroes. She is the owner of E-BEVE LLP, an innovative live and  frozen seafood business that delivery fresh, high-quality seafood to customers across  Singapore. Her business model is unique as she operates from her shop in Pek Kio Market  but also uses social media to connect with customers who want their seafood delivered to  their homes.

For Andrew Tham, who is the branding and partnerships director at Wanpo tea shop, having  a flexible leasing model from Pan Pac helps him plan and budget in a more cost-effective  manner. Wanpo tea shop utilises age-old tea brewing methods and blends originating from  the Military dependant’s village in Taiwan. Their signature bubble milk tea and brown sugar  pearl milk keep customers coming back for more.

Look out for more interviews from our customers in the media as we highlight and celebrate  our local heroes who we might not always notice, but are the ones making our lives a little bit  brighter and help make our lives a little easier.