Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for home deliveries has risen. As more people stayed home and transitioned to work-from-home and hybrid working situations, the demand for delivery and courier  services across the entire country skyrocketed like never before.

Groceries, personal care items,  household goods, clothing, pet supplies, furniture, plants - you name it, you can get it delivered. With  Singapore being an island nation, and the need for courier services to cover such a wide range of needs,  it makes sense that the courier industry is a booming one. If you are looking to start a courier business or  are looking to expand your current courier business, leasing the vehicles might be the best option for  you. Read on to find out more.

There are so many benefits to leasing your commercial fleet instead of purchasing new vehicles outright for your courier business in Singapore:

  • There is a greater flexibility with your leasing terms. You can lease the vehicles for 6 months, 12  months or 24 months, depending on your operations. If you are just starting a courier business, it  might make sense to lease fewer vehicles for a shorter time length before committing to longer  term leases.
  • You are less likely to get trapped paying for unnecessary vehicles that are not in use. You can  either lease the vehicles for shorter amounts of time or terminate the contract if you find that  some vehicles are not in use.
  • You’ll have a wider selection of vehicles available to you at any given time. If you business grows  unexpectedly or if you need a specific type of vehicle for a specified amount of time, you will have  a wide selection of commercial vehicles available to lease from your leasing partner, such as Pan  Pac. For example, during the festive season from December to February, you might need more  trucks or vans to keep up with demand. You can easily lease more vehicles for this specific time  period.
  • You will retain essential cashflow by avoiding a large upfront investment. It is a huge investment  for companies to buy a commercial vehicle, whether it be a brand-new or second-hand vehicle.  There are also other costs and paperwork involved, such as insurance and COE in Singapore. By  leasing your commercial vehicle for your courier business, you will save upfront costs and  paperwork hassle.
  • You won’t be stuck with depreciating assets. If you decide to change your business or close your  courier business, you will not be stuck with vehicles that have depreciated in value.

When you lease your commercial vehicles at Pan Pac, you can choose from a range of vehicles. Whether  it be a smaller van or truck or a bigger truck, Pan Pac have got you covered. You can also choose from  ICE or electric vehicles. We are also able to customise your commercial vehicle for your courier  business depending on your needs. Your courier business might have unique requirements such as  boxes, a refrigeration unit, a canopy, or tailgate system.

At Pan Pac, we are specialised to fit these into  your leased vehicles to help you operate your business smoothly. Contact our friendly team today to see  how we can help you expand your courier business in Singapore.