So you’ve decided that you want to get into the truck driving industry in Singapore. Let us shed some light on this vital but often misunderstood role.

Truck drivers play an important role in any industry in Singapore by picking up and delivering freight from one place to another. This may be from a manufacturer to a distribution centre, from a distribution centre to a customer, or between distribution centres. Some truckers move inventory a few miles, while others haul them across the island. Overall job opportunities for truck drivers in Singapore are favourable and in demand. These jobs usually come with benefits such as a good hourly rate and CPF contributions.

Here are some of the tasks that a truck driver in Singapore will have to do besides driving the truck:

  • Load and unload cargo.
  • Drive long distances.
  • Report to a dispatcher any incidents encountered on the road.
  • Follow all applicable traffic laws.
  • Inspect their vehicle before and after the trip and record any defects they find.
  • Keep a log of their activities.
  • Report serious mechanical problems to the appropriate personnel.
  • Keep their truck, and associated equipment, clean and in good working order.

Here are some important skills needed to be a truck driver:

  • Hand-eye coordination:
    Drivers of heavy trucks must be able to coordinate their legs, hands, and eyes together well to always be aware of the situation around them and to drive such a heavy vehicle safely.
  • Physical health:
    Truck Drivers should be in good health condition to operate their vehicles smoothly as per the government guidelines. When applying for a truck driver role, the company might run a physical test to ensure you are fit to drive these heavy vehicles.
  • Good communication skills:
    It’s essential to have good interpersonal communication skills to interact with loading crews and customers. As truck drivers represent their employers while delivering goods to clients, engaging in professional and polite communication is essential.

Truck driving is a great job for those looking to enter a career with good remuneration without spending years on training. While there is the required training to obtain the required driving license, the pay is often worth it for truck drivers.

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