Commercial vehicles are an essential part of many businesses in Singapore. Owning or leasing a vehicle fleet is an excellent way to improve the speed and efficiency of your business, but there are costs associated that you should monitor to ensure the success of your business.


Whether there are two or ten vehicles in your fleet, fuel is the biggest cost associated with any vehicle fleet. Since fuel cost is essential for your business operation, and not something that you can control, keep track of the consumption so you can include it in the cost of your product or service.

Maintenance and Repair

When you own a fleet of vehicles, the cost of maintenance and repair can quickly add up. The ripple effects of one vehicle repair can affect the day-to-day operations of your business. You might even end up making losses as a direct result of not being able to fulfil your product and services due to a vehicle breakdown. A replacement vehicle would also be an additional cost that you might not have budgeted for. Leasing your vehicle fleet is a great way to minimise the cost and disruption to your business due to vehicle maintenance and repair. At Pan Pac, we offer 24/7 replacement vehicle and breakdown services to all our clients so your business operations are not interrupted by sudden vehicle breakdowns.

Insurance and Road Tax

To drive a vehicle on Singapore roads, you must hold a valid road tax. Road tax is valid for a maximum of 12 months and must be renewed annually. To renew your road tax, you will have to ensure that you have valid vehicle insurance coverage and pass any inspection, if necessary. These costs will quickly add up for any business owner, especially if you own more than one vehicle in your fleet. Fortunately, when you lease your commercial vehicles from Pan Pac, all these are taken care of. There is no need for you to worry about the paperwork and costs associated with these when leasing your vehicle fleet for your business.

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