Pan Pac has been in operation for more than 10 years in the vehicle leasing industry in Singapore.  Read on to know more on how our vehicle leasing is helping businesses in Singapore.

No need to invest in a depreciating asset

Did you know, that in the first five years, a newly purchased vehicle might lose as much as 60% of its  initial value. So, it is prudent for a business not to spend its capital buying new vehicles. Instead,  leasing a fleet of commercial vehicle with Pan Pac is a path that many of our clients find to be more  sustainable for their business. It doesn’t involve any lumpsum down payment nor capital investment and the monthly fixed rental is tax deductible. This way, businesses are free to channel the money  that’s saved, back into the business, or invest it into other rewarding portfolios.

Access to a range of vehicles

At Pan Pac from time-to-time, we offer a vehicle upgrade option. This means that businesses might  be able to upgrade their vehicles every few years, with the latest safety features. This gives  businesses more valuable mobility solutions without having to spend the money on a new vehicle.

A variety of flexible lease plans

At Pan Pac, we have a range of flexible lease plans with varying mileage and leasing duration, so  businesses are able to customise and pay only for what they need. Businesses can also customise the  commercial vehicles to cater to their business needs, such as a temperature controlled storage unit,  to have the perfect tailor-made vehicle.

A partnership

At Pan Pac, our team takes care of all the car requirements that a business has, so they can pay  more attention to the core activities of their business. Leasing with Pan Pac removes the hassle of  paperwork of buying a vehicle and leaves you with more time to focus on your business operations.  We also offer regular maintenance of your vehicles so you can be assured that your vehicle is safe  and reliable when helping your business reach out to your customers.

At Pan Pac, we have been helping businesses in Singapore grow for the last 10 years. If you are  wondering if leasing a commercial vehicle is the right step for your business, contact our friendly  team to discuss your options and how Pan Pac can also help you grow your business. Contact us  today at +65 8482 3003 or email us at