Trucks play an important role in many businesses’ operations today. Regardless of their size, they help you transport your goods and service around the country. If you own a truck, read on for how to maintain it in good condition.

Firstly, review your vehicle’s owner manual for any specific truck maintenance needed monthly, quarterly, or annually. By scheduling routine maintenance for your vehicle, as well as taking some simple precautionary measures, your truck will remain in great condition for many years.

Don’t Neglect Your Brakes

It is recommended that you change your brake fluid at least once a year to save yourself from having to replace more expensive, and time-consuming parts of your vehicle in the long run. Regular brake fluid checks and scheduled lubrication on your trucks will ensure that your engine is running smoothly.

Replace Your Coolant Routinely

Did you know that your coolant system is the main thing stopping your engine from combustion? In other words, it keeps your engine from overheating. A failure in your coolant system eventually will result in engine failure. Unfortunately, you might only notice failure of the coolant system when it’s too late. To prevent a costly repair, be sure to schedule a check on the coolant in all your business vehicle on a bi-monthly basis.

Check Your Tires

Faulty tires are one of the common causes of truck repairs. Not only do they disrupt your business operations, they can also be a danger on the road and be an unnecessary expense. Always stay on top of your tire pressure. Schedule a reminder to check your tire pressure regularly as overinflated tires are more vulnerable to a blowout or premature tread wear. Maintaining your tires well helps lower fuel consumption and saves you from spending money on unnecessary costs.

Appearances matter

Always keep your truck looking in good-as-new condition. After all, your truck is a moving billboard for your business. Moreover, corrosion and deterioration are also reasons why trucks retire earlier than any other types of vehicles. Wash your truck regularly even if you’re strapped for time. It is recommended that you wash your truck every 7 to 10 days to avoid any residual containment seeping through the paint and outer body work. When repainting your truck, use good quality pain as most parts of the truck are made of metals, which weakens over time.  A well-sealed coat of paint will help keep your truck body more durable.

In summary, maintaining a truck is a lot of work and can be costly, but it is essential to ensure your business operation runs smoothly. Alternatively, you can lease a truck where the leasing company manages the scheduled maintenance, unforeseen breakdowns and provides you a replacement truck immediately to ensure your business operations is not affected. Leasing a truck also frees up capital to invest in goods and equipment for your business. Contact Pan Pac’s team today to find out which truck is suitable for your business needs.