We have shared advice on defensive driving previously and how you can stay safe on the road. How about when another driver is endangering you and other road users? How do you stay safe in such situations? Read on to find out more on how to handle road rage.

Tips on handling situations involving aggressive drivers:

1. If a driver is putting pressure on you:

Firstly, do not provoke the other driver with rude gestures or by blocking them. Instead keep a safe distance. If the other driver is driving erratically near you to get revenge, try to avoid them safely. Do not speed or weave in-and-out of traffic to get away from this person. When safe to do so, move to the left and let this driver pass you.

2. If you are faced with aggressive behaviour:

Stay calm and do not panic. Avoid making eye contact with the aggressive to avoid escalating the situation. You can also show remorse to deescalate the situation by putting your hand up. Even if you’re not in the wrong, it might sometimes be worthwhile to apologise to the aggressive driver to deescalate the situation. If they are tailgating you, try to move out onto the left lane when it is safe and let them pass through. If they persist, drive to a crowded place or a police station so they will back off.

3. If an aggressive person leaves his vehicle and heads toward you:

Firstly, remain in your vehicle and make sure that your doors are locked, and windows shut. Do not make provocative gestures and avoid eye contact if possible. Instead, you may pick up your phone and pretend like you are calling the police. This might scare the aggressive driver and they will back off and return to their car.

Observe where they are once the aggressive driver gets back into their car. If they are still following you, do not go home if they are still following you. Instead, you can drive to a police station and lodge a complaint if necessary. Always try to note the make of the other driver’s car and their license plate.

If you found these tips useful, share this with your drivers to ensure that they aware on how to handle road rage from other drives. If you’re looking for commercial vehicles in Singapore, contact Pan Pac today for a free quote and how we can help you grow your business.