Do you have a fresh produce business in Singapore and are wondering how to grow your business? Here are some of our tips for fishmongers, butchers and fresh fruit and vegetable markets in Singapore.

Make life easier for your consumers

Offer pre-cut and packaged pieces of produce. For example, a fruit market can offer a variety of vegetables needed for a stir-fry in a package. If you’re a fishmonger or butcher, you can sell pre-cleaned and pre-cut meat and fish. This will save time for consumers, and they are more likely to buy from you again for convenience. To take it a step further, you can even include little recipe cards in the package that can be made with common ingredients found in most Singaporean households such as soy sauce, oyster sauce, chilli powder etc.

Build your social media presence

Building your brand is the first step to making sure your customers remember who you are. As the produce industry is fast-moving and ever-changing, it’s also a great way to keep your customers updated. You could update your customers on promotions such as catch of the day, available vegetables according to the season and the best ways to reach you. It also makes it easier for your customers to recommend your service to friends and family with just a click button. You can also offer incentives for customers who share your offerings. The best tip to expand your business through social media is to stay consistent. Start posting consistently to build your follower base and use it as a tool to communicate with a wider range of customers.

Build partnerships

Sellers and marketers of fresh, whole produce often benefit from marketing partnerships. This means working with other businesses to market your products as a bundle. For example, if you’re in a fresh fruits and vegetables market, you could work with a fishmonger and butcher to offer a week’s worth of groceries to customers. You could also work with a local grocer to bundle sauces and cooking pastes together which would ease the cooking process for your clients. You could also partner with cooking equipment brands to offer incentives for your customers. An example would be a voucher to be redeemed at your fresh produce shop when they purchase a blender at participating retailers.

Offer home delivery

The rise of home delivery for all types of items has increased since the pandemic. Consumers got used to the idea of having items home delivered, that they can now have anything that they need to be delivered to their doorstep, including medication, groceries and fresh produce. Hence, it’s essential that fresh produce business owners such as farmers, fishmongers and vegetable and fruit markets offer home delivery services to cater to consumer demands. Transport your produce to the optimum temperature around Singapore with Pan Pac’s customisable vans and trucks. When you lease your commercial vehicle from Pan Pac, we can fit the vehicle with temperature control to ensure that your produce is delivered fresh to your customers.

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