With so many options available in the market now in terms of vehicles, it can be confusing which type of vehicle to choose for your business. Let’s explore the main types of vehicle fuel and which might better suit your commercial vehicle fleet’s needs.

Gas (Petrol)

The combustion engine is still popular even though fuel prices are higher than ever because of the upfront costs and the driver's needs. The vehicles are usually cheaper to purchase initially but more expensive in the long term due to their constant need for fuel. When it comes to commuting, the gasoline engine is designed for high-speed highways and offers a lot of advantages for this type of driving. Gas vehicles have become more and more fuel-efficient due to advancement in technology, sometimes even comparable to hybrid vehicles.


Diesel engines are even more fuel-efficient but burn fuel that is not as environmentally friendly as gasoline. Diesel engines are also built much stronger and are known to reach higher mileage than gasoline engines, on average. This makes them a favourite for work trucks and larger vehicles because they have plenty of low-end torque to haul heavy loads with longer trip distances and low costs per tank. Repair is typically needed less, however, when needed, repairs are generally more costly.


It is no doubt that electric cars are the future and, for the most part, are here to stay. Electric, zero emission cars are generally available in the sub-compact to mid-sized vehicle range. While the suggested retail price of these vehicles are high, you might be eligible for government schemes for reduce tax and charger rebates. Moreover, in the long term, you will, of course, save on energy cost. But you’ll need to make sure you have the infrastructure set up to support such a vehicle, like nearby charging stations before you consider buying an electric vehicle for your business.

Lease Gas/Diesel and EV Fleets at Pan Pac!

Whether you prefer sticking with gas and diesel vehicles or are interested in transitioning to an EV fleet, at Pan Pac, we offer the full spectrum of commercial vehicle leasing, with a range of vehicles to suit your business needs in Singapore. Our vehicles can also be customised according to your type of business. Get in touch with our friendly team today to find out more about your options for commercial vehicle leasing!