There is a good reason many companies customise their commercial vehicles with a wrap. It is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business and generate impressions. If you’ve got a truck or van zooming around the island, why not take this opportunity to advertise your business at the same time?

Vehicle wraps are memorable

A lot of road users will take the same journey daily and will look at your vehicle passing them. A well-designed vehicle wrap can help your business build a following among customers who view your branded fleet wraps on a regular basis. More exposure means more potential business. Think about how many times a potential customer is looking at your vehicle wrap while stuck in traffic. This increase visibility of your business and brand recognition.

Cost-effective branding

Unlike radio or billboard advertising that requires a payment for each advertising cycle, vehicle wrap is a one-time cost to design, print and install. This advertising will be on your vehicle for a long time if your vehicle is well looked after. This is great for building long-term brand awareness.

Engage with your local consumers

Consumers are more aware of the importance of supporting local businesses these days and prefer to use more personal and local companies for their needs. For local businesses, wrapped vehicles provide that personal touch, letting potential clients know that you are local. It also leaves a favourable impression because they will see that you are local and are more likely to contact you.

24/7 advertising

The best part about a vehicle wrap is the round-the-clock advertising. Even if you don’t drive your vehicle for a day, or it is parked at a customer’s facility or residence for hours, your company is still getting exposure. If someone parks their vehicle near yours, sees your wrapped vehicle and needs the same product or service, they will be able to pull out their phone and do a little research while walking to their destination. They can even take a picture to remind themselves later to look into it.

A vehicle wrap is a great way to kill two birds with one stone. Whilst driving around to deliver your products or services, your vehicle also serves as an advertising tool for your business. At Pan Pac, we offer customised vehicle wraps for all our clients. Lease your next commercial vehicle with Pan Pac and let us take care of your vehicle wrap needs.