Whatever the size of your fleet, be it just one or two light goods vehicles or many different vehicles, you can take your operation to the next level by using a GPS-based fleet management system. It will not only help to save a considerable portion of your fuel costs and other expenses but will also provide you with planning tools, access to real-time data, control of driver performance, and live tracking. These aspects can help improve customer satisfaction and provide you with peace of mind.

Indeed, managing a fleet with a GPS-based system excludes guesswork and makes fleet operation less reliant on drivers, traffic, and road situations. In addition to decreased costs and increased efficiency, GPS applications add security and manageability to the whole operation. In this article we discuss how GPS systems work on vehicles in general, and how Pan Pac’s Fleet Management System can benefit your business.

How GPS works on vehicles

GPS (Global Positioning System) is a satellite-based system including at least 24 satellites. The system determines the user's location by measuring the distance from a vehicle or another object with a GPS receiver to a minimum of 4 satellites (although some receivers track up to 8 satellites) which is enough to determine your location, including exact latitude, longitude and altitude with accuracy up to 10 meters.

The first GPS equipment systems were bulky and difficult to install, while modern systems are portable and do not require complex installation. Unlike navigation systems on mobile phones, GPS modules are much more autonomous since they can work without a cellular connection, access to the Internet and even without charging from the car battery if it fails, working on the backup battery for more than 10 hours. They also have a tracking lock for assisting drivers in areas with tall buildings or dense trees.

What our GPS-based fleet management system can do

The Pan Pac’s Fleet Management System provides much more than just the exact location of your vehicles. Here is a non-exhaustive list of options our system has:

  • Mileage Summary. Tracking mileage with GPS in real-time is much more efficient than checking mileage each time the vehicle leaves the facility and returns to it. Besides, mileage data from GPS are much more accurate as they are not affected by such factors as wear of tires, calibrating the odometer and other aspects so that GPS net error generally does not exceed 1.5%. In comparison, odometers can have errors between 2-5% and sometimes even more.
  • Idle Summary. Accurate measurement of idle time is impossible without a GPS-based fleet management system in place. Meanwhile, approximate or calculated idle time often leads to costly mistakes and wrong managerial decisions.
  • Route Planning. GPS analyzes the routes used by drivers, measures the distance for existing routes and offers suggestions to make routing more efficient.
  • Live Tracking. Since GPS monitoring is available 24/7, it provides fleet managers with instant access to all operated vehicles, including reports with critical vehicle data such as exact location, mileage, route, speed, and more.
  • Fleet Summary. An effective fleet management system provides managers with a bird's eye view of their fleet, delivering a comprehensive fleet summary for every vehicle equipped with GPS.
  • Driver Performance. Having a GPS on a vehicle has a tremendous effect on driver performance. When drivers know that they are monitored, they tend to drive much more accurately, avoid speeding and idle time.

How our fleet management system can benefit fleet owners and operators

The functionality provided by Pan Pac’s Fleet Management System takes fleet operation to the next level. Fleet owners and operators can benefit from having a GPS on their vehicles in many ways, resulting in lower costs, higher efficiency, cutting delivery times, and greater customer satisfaction.

Access to real-time data

Knowing where your vehicle is every moment and having real-time data on mileage, route, speed and more gives you much better control of drivers' performance and your truck operation. It helps make real-time decisions when you get an urgent order or have customers impatiently waiting for delivery.  In today's world, GPS live tracking helps fleet operators effectively manage their fleet and provide their customers with an unparalleled level of service with delivery confirmation and up-to-minute tracking.

Gain full visibility of fleet and drivers

For many fleet owners, having a GPS on a vehicle is like being in a vehicle with a driver all the time. Live tracking by GPS provides fleet managers with all critical data they need to understand if the car (vehicle) is on the route, when it is going to get to the place of destination, whether the driver is driving safely or speeding, what is the distance the vehicle has travelled so far and so on. It also increases the security of your vehicle and cargo since you can locate your fleet 24/7.

Assistance with Effective Asset Management, Dispatch and Routing, Vehicle Acquisition and Disposal

GPS-based fleet management systems are critical for better dispatch and routing, thanks to the route planning function provided by the system. It analyzes the routes taken by drivers and chooses those with less mileage or driving time. Meanwhile, fleet summaries from GPS, combined with other reports you have for fuel consumption and cost of repairs, are an invaluable help in evaluating the efficiency of each of your vehicles and making the right decisions for vehicle acquisition and disposal.

 Improving efficiency

GPS systems are all about efficiency of fleet management with real-time fleet summaries, live tracking, route planning, mileage and idling reports. They assist in cutting time on the road and ensuring timely deliveries by choosing the most efficient routes, controlling driver performance, and live tracking. On the other side, fleet data you receive from GPS help make the right decisions when choosing those commercial vehicle models that are most effective for your purposes while disposing of other vehicles which are less efficient and costing you more per mile. Given the number of advantages a GPS fleet management system provides to fleet owners, it is definitely worth having on your vehicle.

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