It is fairly simple to start a business in Singapore nowadays. After all, businesses do not necessarily need an  established brick-and-mortar establishment to operate out of, and with the right contacts and resources, you  can start a business anytime. Here are some businesses you can start in Singapore with a small capital:


There is always an occasion to celebrate every day, whether it be birthdays, anniversaries, weddings. A special  date requires everything to be perfect, down to the little details. Flower arrangements, perfectly chosen and  picked, would befit any occasion, and can be arranged to be sent to anybody’s doorstep, at any time of the day. Florists in Singapore are always in high demand, given the number of events happening throughout the city  daily. This is a viable and profitable business to start. Be sure to have a temperature-controlled van to  transport those beautiful flowers around the city. Pan pac provides customisation such as cold storage for  business vehicles.

Moving Company

This is one of the easiest businesses to start! A moving company needs, in essence, a driver, hard-working  movers, and a van. It is simple to operate a moving company and with people looking for a more fuss-free way  to move, moving companies are often in demand. All you need are able-bodied movers who are fast, efficient,  detail-oriented, and a truck and you are set! Worried about the cost of buying a truck?Lease a truck instead through any commercial vehicle leasing companies in Singapore.


It is a fact that we Singaporeans love food. Whether it be a good plate of Char Kway Teow, or a beautiful prime  steak, Singaporeans have opinions on every dish on offer. If you’ve got the passion for food, starting a F&B  business is easy. All you would need are some kitchen equipment and you’re good to go. Most F&B businesses  will need a reliable vehicle for business operations and leasing a vehicle is a flexible solution, instead of finding  the capital to buy a vehicle instead. At Pan Pac, our team would ensure that your leased vehicle complies with  Singapore Food Agency standards, and we will even assist you in the process of applying for the NEA or SFA  permits if your business requires it.

Whatever business you might be thinking of starting, Pan Pac is the number one choice when it comes to  commercial vehicle leasing in Singapore. Our team of friendly experts will help you choose and if needed,  customise the vehicles according to your businesses’ requirements. Contact us today at